Spot Description:
A second installment of animated broadcast promos for Nickelodeon’s “Winter Refresh” campaign done at Aardman Nathan Love. This holiday campaign merges a stop-motion look with a contemporary visual vibe.

+ Layout
+ Environment/Prop Modeling
+ Lighting

Nickelodeon’s “Winter Refresh” 2018
Working at Aardman Nathan Love was a bucket-list goal of mine since I was a freshman at SVA, and I’m so thankful for my time there and that I got to work on this spot in particular.

My primary responsibilities included layout and environment/prop modeling. I learned so much from their CG lead/my mentor, Elizabeth Ku, and left feeling much more confident in my modeling/zbrush skills. I also did the lighting for all of the title cards (characters on gray backgrounds) which will later be comped on top of background stills and used as episodical tags for Nickelodeon.

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